East Oahu Tour

This is a 3 hours private tour at a value of $50 per hour with a minimum of two passengers or maximun of five passengers in the minivan.  We do not share your private tour with anyone else. For larger groups please contact us via text or email for more information.

8am Hotel Pickup

1st Stop: Diamond Head Crater offers breathtaking views of Waikiki and the East Coast of Hawaii. The origin of the English name, “Diamond head” came from 19th century British sailors who thought the sparkling, clear calcite crystals were diamonds. The locals here call it Lēʻahi (meaning “brow ridge tuna”) because it resembles the shape of a tuna’s dorsal fin. In the early 1900s, the crater was used as a strategic military lookout. Now, it is a very popular tourist attraction to experience the beautiful scenery of Honolulu. (1.5 hours hike is not included in this tour)

2nd Stop: Hanauma Bay is known for its amazing snorkeling experience. There, visitors can learn about the importance conserving the coral reef and the various species of fish that populate there. Visitors can see and experience the marine life and get acquainted with the various types of tropical fish. (closed on Tuesdays)

3rd Stop: Halona Blowhole is a natural occurrence formed by the molten lava from a volcanic eruption. Just minutes away from Hanauma Bay, visitors can see the panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and see the splashing sounds of the water spitting out of the Blowhole. The Halona Blowhole was shown in films, like 50 First Dates and Nicki Minaj’s music video, Starships.

4th Stop: Makapu’u Lookout offers marvelous views of Oahu’s southeastern coastline, including a view of the Rabbit Island, the Turtle Island, and a glimpse of the Makapu’u Lighthouse. Relax with the view of the calm, deep blue color of the ocean and the nice breeze!

5th Stop: Kailua Beach is known for its crystal-clear, turquoise water and its white, soft sand. The locals here love this beach, as you will see them barbequing on the weekends and gathering with their families and friends. The waves are the perfect size to surf and calm enough for beginners, as well. With abundant swaying palm trees, you can enjoy seeing the waves in the shade with a nice glass of lemonade!

6th Stop: Puu Ualakaa State Park, also known as the “Tantalus Round Top Drive” is the final stop in our tour. You will enjoy a breathtaking, 180 degree panoramic view of Oahu, from the Diamond Head to the Honolulu International Airport. Enjoy the drive up Hawaii’s rainforest and the marvelous view that hovers this beautiful island of Oahu!

11am Hotel Return

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